I See You

i see you

That moment when
You close your eyes
And realize
All you’ve ever wanted
Is right there in front of you

So many ways to describe it
So much in the world to do

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Full Moon Beauty

Full moon beauty
Waves in the sea
Look out at the sky
And try to find me

I’m not far away
Just far enough to reach
You should take my hand
And fall into the endlessness with me

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How Can It Be?

How Can It Be

How can it be
That you make my heart beat
Like a crazy drum
Ready to run

How can it be
That I smile like a fool
Never forgetting
It feels so cool

How can it be
With a mere touch
You make me shiver
And feel your love

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Not This Day (A 9/11 tribute)

not this day1

So, as I’m sure all of you are aware today marks thirteen years to a loss so great many people will always mourn. I too, feel connected to this day in a way sometimes it saddens me. I’ve found that when my emotions are so strong I have to write about it no matter what the subject is. So today, I have a poem for you all.

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Great news y’all. I forgot to post this a few days ago but, I’m not leaving after all!!! Be ready for some poetry soon 😀

Going away

I just want to let all of my readers know I will be taking some time away from the internet for awhile. Family things have come up and I just feel I need to take some time away. I will be back as soon as I can but until then, please just keep being you! I look forward to writing more poetry so that when I come back I can post some more work for you all to enjoy.

Until then, farewell.

Just Go

just go 2

If you don’t
Care enough to stay
Stop faking it
And just leave

Save me the trouble
The headache
The pain
Save me the sorrow

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